There are many benefits available through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to Veterans, Wartime VeteransSurviving Spouses and some children of Veterans.

Those benefits include a wide range that vary from life insurance, health insurance, home loan guaranty, education and training, vocational rehabilitation and employment, education and training, medical care, prescription drugs at a reduced rate, grave markers, headstones, burial benefits, disability compensation, improved pension, etc. VA Benefits in Brief is a printable document that provides an at-a-glance description of VA benefits, as well as contact phone numbers and locations. You can also find guidance to many VA benefits through national VA website reference

Additionally, through the governmental agencies of different states, there may be available free, or reduced fee, hunting or fishing licenses, drivers licenses, free park admission and special license plates. You can find guidance to many of these benefits by clicking on your state at the interactive states map at

However probably the most important benefit available to Senior Wartime Veterans is the improved pension for Veterans or death pension for Surviving Spouses. Since each individual situation is somewhat different, while you are assessing your eligibility, you may want to contact one of our trained professionals or VA accredited attorneys through their VA accredited staff to obtain personalized guidance. For help, Contact Us.