1. Are all wartime veterans eligible?

    All wartime veterans are eligible, but they must be qualified.  All full assessments of eligibility are free.  One of the first qualifications is medical.  A medical rating where a doctor says you need the aid and assistance of another person may be necessary.  Using our team of VA Accredited attorneys and other professionals in preparing your case, assets are probably not a restriction.  After all, all wartime veterans rich, poor or in between earned their pension with their service, the VA Pension is not a welfare handout.

  2. Why should you use a VA Accredited Attorney, Agents and paralegals?

    Our team of professionals consists of veterans or children of veterans.  Our team helps ensure a timely decision and avoid potential denials.  Our team serves you because you served U.S.

    If assets exceed $80,000, our team of VA Accredited Attorneys, CPA’s, RIA’s, and other financial professionals provide the expertise needed to assist veterans and their surviving spouses in filing for the VA Pension.  The professionals in our organization have extensive experience with the Pension claims process. Our team can provide information to guide the claimant through the maze of the claims process. We provide a free assessment of eligibility used to evaluate family income, family assets and potential conflicts with Medicaid and provide information on the best strategies to pursue to maximize a Pension award.

  3. What are typical situations Where a VA Accredited Attorney and professional team should Be Used?

    When to use a professional team approach?

    • Where complexity or time constraints justify seeking out advice
    • With claims applications where home care is provided by a family member or a home care agency.  Also, it is helpful for independent living and assisted living care claims.
    • With applications where a claimant will be moving from a principal residence to a care providing facility.
    • With applications where assets exceed $100k
    • With applications that require preplanning for estate planning and tax planning for complex beneficiary transfers or large amounts of bank or mutual fund assets.
    • With applications that involve business ownership, farms, investment property and assets like gas royalties.